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Monday, November 19, 2012

BlendSling v0.2 - Launcher for BGE Games

Hey. So, I renamed the launcher to BlendSling, as there had already been a 'BGLauncher' that launches BGE games before. This version adds a little safety to the launcher by adding in some (very, very, poor, but functioning) encryption to BlendSling from my BlendCrypt project before. What's more, thanks to a suggestion by Moguri from the BlenderArtists forums a few months ago (I was really slow to work on it for some reason), it doesn't decode the files to disk (like BlendCrypt did), but rather decodes them into memory, loading their scenes (and so everything in them) into the game via LibLoad.

The new method to use BlendSling is to place your game blend file named 'game.blend' into the launcher's directory. Name the first scene that you're going to play from your blend file "LaunchHook", and that will be the one that BlendSling loads. When BlendSling runs your game file, it will encrypt the blend file, if it's present. It will do this every time it launches, so you can just keep updating your blend file without having to recompile anything. To use it in a 'release' environment, just delete the blend file and leave the encrypted 'bgdata' file. Also, you don't have to copy over the file, but can just use the Launcher.pyc file.

I added GLSL / Multitexture / Singletexture toggles to the launcher, so that you can switch between them. I have them available as 'radio' buttons, but it's kinda meaningless to people who don't use the BGE. It wouldn't really work to name them "High", "Medium", and "Low" quality, either. Eventually, I think I'll get rid of those checkboxes altogether and just have the current GLSL option set ("Lights", "Shadows", "Shaders", etc) present, with the developer being able to set the texture mode in the configuration file.

I also added a fontcolor option in the config file so that you can change the text color for the launcher. You can change the values on a 0 - 1 scale to change the color of the text.

Okay, so here are the downloads. I've split them up into the 'builds' and the source launcher blend file (i.e. the BlendSling blend file doesn't come with the Windows build).

EDIT: There was a problem with using autorun, but I've fixed it.

BlendSling v0.2 - Blend


BlendSling v0.2 - Windows 32-bit

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