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Blender / Python Tutoring and Helper Service

Hey. So, I've decided to offer a tutoring and helping service to those who need help with using the BGE or who want to learn Python.

While I can be reached here, on the BlenderArtists forum, or through e-mail, there's no guarantee that I will answer your questions, or that I will do so in a timely manner. However, with this setup through an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client, I will be willing to help any who want to to learn Blender or Python.

While this isn't a free service, it is affordable. The price is $20 US an hour. This used to be done on a half-hour basis, but time expired very quickly. So, I've decided to just go with the 'by the hour' format. I will be sure to time the session only on when both parties (the tutor, me, and the student) are both present and accounted for. For example, if one person disconnects, then the session is temporarily halted for up to a half-hour, max.

I can use Skype, IRC, Google Chat (through G-mail), or Google Talk to communicate between myself and my students - whichever is fine with the student is acceptable.

For those who are new to Python or Blender, I can help you get into them. For those who are experienced, I can help with troubleshooting code or set-ups. You can purchase a 1-hour session below. If you want to purchase several, just select the 'Buy Now' button below and enter the quantity on the next page.

Click the seal to ensure that my account is verified - note the https at the top of the address, denoting Paypal's secure website. If possible, pay with PayPal, as I get a fee if I'm paid with a credit card. However, if that is what you would like to use, there is no problem. :)

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1-Hour Tutoring / Assistance Session - $12

There's a place to enter notes about what day and time you would like in the Order Completion screen. To make it easier, choose one of several days and times. When you're finished purchasing a session, Paypal will send me the notice, and I'll confirm the day, or reschedule if it is unavailable. If necessary, you can E-mail me at solarlune(at) for more information, or to purchase a session that way.

Thanks for your time!