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Sunday, November 4, 2012

bgLauncher - Launcher for BGE Games

Hey. So, I made a launcher for BGE games, something like Unity's launcher. It basically is a standalone executable that will run a blend file named or game.blend that's in the same directory as the launcher, and with the command-line arguments that you specify (no mipmaps, specific resolution, fullscreen, etc).

When you alter a setting and play the game with those settings, they're saved to a configuration file.

The file has the layout:


The first argument, autorun, forces the launcher to run the game file as soon as it opens. This is useful if you configured the launcher the way you want, and then just want to load up the configuration and play. The arguments that follow all follow the format of the argument's name (i.e. showconsole), then the state of the argument (either on, or off), and the availability of the option in the launcher. If an option has a 0 for the availability section under the option's name, then it will be removed from the launcher (though the option still influences the way the game launches).

You can change the numbers in the config file to change which options appear when you run the launcher. Or, you can alter the blend file and change or add new options. I basically just added the options that are available for command-line arguments. It works pretty well. I believe it may not work for Multitexture games, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

While this should mean that you won't have to, for example, have a Mac to make a Mac version of your game, since a Mac version of the bgLauncher can load your game, it should still be tested.

I kept the textures for the GUI separated, so that you can edit them and customize your launchers, without having to rebuild them for any specific OS.

The current version of bgLauncher is in line with Blender 2.64a. If you want newer features than 2.64a will afford you, then you would have to build a new bgLauncher standalone executable with the version of Blender (or greater) that has the feature you want.

The files require 7-zip to unzip them. Download it and test it out, if you want. Thanks!

Creative Commons License
bgLauncher by SolarLune is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You may use it for commercial purposes (or not), as long as you attribute me with the creation of the bgLauncher program.

Based on a work at


Windows Build Available
Linux Build Available
Mac OS X Build Unavailable

11/7/12 Update: Linux version posted. Note that it would seem that Linux doesn't support changing the fullscreen resolution of games. It might just be my graphics card and driver, though. Also, the Linux version can't create a terminal, so the "Keep Terminal Open" option doesn't work.


  1. Windows? How dare you...

    1. Hah. I packed the bgLauncher blend file in with the download, so just download a build and export another runtime. Or, you could wait for me to do it.

  2. Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this. I will use this for my game :)