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Thursday, April 28, 2011

X-Emitter V1.7.1 / Near List V1.0

Hey. A slight update in X-Emitter this time around - when I was using it, I found a pretty large oversight on my part.

If you delete an emitter that's calculating the particles (like if it's parented to another object, like a bullet), then the particles spawned will be orphaned and won't be updated or moved anymore. So, to fix this, I added a new variable - 'emitterkill'.

By default, this is 0, but when you set it to 1 or 2, it will deal with particles and delete the emitter (so don't use the endObject function or End Object actuator with this - just use the variable instead). To destroy the emitter when all the particles are gone, set emitterkill to 1 - when all the particles are gone, the emitter is destroyed. The emitter won't keep making particles before this happens - it will simply wait for the existing ones to die. If you set emitterkill to 2, then the emitter and its particles will be destroyed instantly.

Anyway, download X-Emitter V1.7.1 here.


Now, the second part of this post is about a Python module that I made called Near (how inventive) with a function called NearList (even better). It's just a simple function to allow you to get a list of all near objects in an area. However, it has a couple of nice features - it allows you to get near objects that are a minimum distance away, sort the list in ascending order according to distance (meaning it's easy to get the closest or farthest objects away), as well as check objects from a base list. Download Near List here.

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