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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

X-Emitter V1.7 - Particle Collisions!

Rendered in the BGE, using X-Emitter
Hey. So here's version 1.7 of X-Emitter featuring simple collisions for particles.

There are several different kinds of collisions - for example, if a particle collides with a particular object, it may stop, while another object may kill the particles. Or, the particles can reflect off of the surface of the object. In any case, it's working pretty well right now.

In addition, the emitter has a new property (emitterlifeskip) that allows you to be able to prioritize the calculation of the particles to the newer-made particles, rather than the older particles. I've also included a change-log to show the changes between versions of the X-Emitter. Finally, I've included several pictures that you may use of X-Emitter if you choose to put them before your game to help advertise it.

Remember, you can use this library for free for even commercial uses, but not without attribution. If you want to attribute, you can do so using one of the pictures that I packed in. Download X-Emitter V1.7 here. As always, have fun with it!

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