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Friday, April 22, 2011

2D Sprites V1.6

Hey. So here's another release of my 2D sprites script - this time in module format for easy use.

This version allows you to handle sprites via a single function, rather than trying to keep around a script in the blend file. For example, your player sprite's code would consist of:

import Sprites
Sprites.Sprite(obj['anim'], obj['spritefps'])

to animate its sprite. Those two lines are all that's necessary to animate your sprite (though you still can change either the object's variables or the arguments of the function. It works well, though I didn't migrate all of the arguments - just the ones that you would use (animation, sprite FPS, flipping, halo, camera optimization, and FPS locking).

Download the blend and module here.

11/2/14 - Download redacted because of an updated version of the Sprites module and less copyright-breaking demo. Nab it over at my Google Code SVN page using an SVN checkout tool (like TortoiseSVN).

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