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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

X-Emitter V1.10.2 - Bug-fix-fix

Hey. So, after getting an E-mail from a user of X-Emitter, I decided to update it to fix a bug.
There was a bug that caused an error when switching scenes that had particles in them that the Calculator handled. To fix this, I made the calculator object flush the global particle list whenever it was created. This caused another problem if multiple scenes were used - this should solve it. In this version, it simply handles invalid particles when they arise. Soooo, you should be able to not have to worry about spawning calculators and particles not being handled.

Download Here!

Mirror 1: MediaFire
Mirror 2: FreeDrive


  1. Thanks for making X_Emitter available. I can make your demos work but am having difficulty moving them into another blend file e.g:

    - start new blend file
    - append Gas object onto first layer
    - set Gas emitteron property to True
    - append ParticleSphere object and put in last (hidden) layer
    - start game

    The Gas object generates particles but they are all at a single location - how come??? In the demo they float upward.

    If you can find the time to explain to me I would be grateful.



    1. Hey. In order to get particles to work, they need a particle calculator. This is a separate object that runs the XEmitter.Calculator script - in the example files, the camera does this. Simply set up another object running the Calculator script as often as you need to to get it to work.

      And no problem!

    2. As you say - no problem!

      Thank you so much.