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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

JME3 - Open-Source, Free, Cross-Platform 3D Game Engine

Screenshot from the homepage.
Hey. I just wanted to post about another 3D game engine that I found. It's called jME3 - jMonkeyEngine 3.0. It's a powerful, Java-based 3D game engine that is cross-platform, and quite an interesting engine.

It requires quite a bit more programming work than the BGE, but it also has more possibilities because of it. It's currently in beta, but people have used it to make quite a few impressive games with it, as you can see here.

It has many features, including a built-in terrain editor and a fairly advanced water shader. It's quite impressive, really.

Download the SDK for free from the jMonkeyEngine homepage here.


  1. I'm thinking about moving to java too...

  2. Looks cool! But I can't program at all.