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Friday, March 22, 2013

BlendSling v0.21b - Blender 2.66a runtime and Added OS X Build

Hey. So, here's another version of my BlendSling launcher. This one uses Blender 2.66a's BlenderPlayer. I've also uploaded an OS X version. As a side-note, the Linux versions were created on Windows, so they may or may not work. Feel free to give 'em a tug and see if they fall apart.

For more information on what BlendSling is, you can check out the previous post here.

5/5/13 EDIT:

Apparently, to browse a folder you need a Box account, so here are links to the individual files.

Windows 32-bit
Linux 64-bit
Linux 32-bit
Mac OS X 64-bit


  1. can you host that somewhere else?
    I don't see why I should need an account there to download it...

    1. Apparently you need a Box account to browse a folder (for some reason), so I've updated to include links to the actual files, which you don't need a Box account to download.

  2. Hi, i have a GLS error: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'argv' Line 211

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late! That doesn't sound right at all - not sure if that's for this, BlendSling (which I wouldn't really recommend too much), or something else...? Try asking on the Blenderartists forums.