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Thursday, January 12, 2012

BGHelper V1.8 - Joystick Input and Profiles

Hey. So here's yet another release of BGHelper. This one focuses on joystick input mostly, though there are a couple other new features.

In V1.8, I added a Joystick class that allows you to poll joysticks to see if they've changed between frames. This way, you can see if a joystick button, hat, or axis was just pressed, just released, or is being held down. In addition, I've added a Profile class (just a containing class) that allows you to access profiles. Currently, there are two - a PS2-USB controller scheme, and one for the Logitech Chillstream controller.

Also included are two examples for using the joystick, a template available in the JoystickProfileInput scene, and a new example for soft-body pinning. I also added a function to make numerical noise, though it really needs to be updated to be of any important use. Anyway, have fun with it!

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  1. This is really useful !!
    I added a XBox360 Profile.
    But the problem is that the backtriggers are added together so could you do something there,because it isn't possible to find out if both or none are pressed?

  2. Yo! Sorry to respond to you so late, but I believe the triggers being added together is a limitation of the XBOX 360 controller on Windows. I think it could be bypassed by using a specific DLL file (using X-Input to get the controller status), but that's too much work for me, haha. I would just recommend side-stepping it by basically putting common controls on the bumpers instead (i.e. left bumper = take out weapon, right bumper = use weapon), or making it so that you would never use both triggers at once (i.e. left trigger = pull up inventory, right trigger = crouch).