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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Disable Mip-mapping For Runtimes Python Script - BGE Pre-loader

Hey. Here's a quick little resource for you - it's a Display Preloader for your BGE runtimes.
This method allows you to start your game with specific settings - in this case, it disables mip-mapping on your runtimes. There are issues, though - this method requires the game to completely restart to work. Also, this method, for whatever reason, won't work on Multi-texture mode - just Texture Face and GLSL mode.

The process is packed into a blend file so that you can integrate it into your projects easily - all you have to do is append the preloader scene into your game, ensure that it's the first scene in the game, and create a runtime.

Anyway, here's the download.

Mirror 1: MediaFire
Mirror 2: FreeDrive

Have fun!


  1. Isn't there a video for using that? I'm a semi-noob

  2. @Anonymous - Not sure why I wasn't notified of your comment... Well, there's no video set up, but the idea is pretty simple. Basically, to implement it into your own game, you should be able to go to the File menu and append the Preloader scene out of the downloaded blend file and place it into your game scene.

    Then, in the Preloader scene, select the Preloader cube and change the 'beginscene' property to be the name of the first scene in your game. If you export a runtime with the Preloader scene active, it will start the game without mipmaps enabled and switch to your game scene.

  3. Thank you verry much !!!!!!!

    1. No problem, though this is now deprecated, since you can just use Python to disable mipmaps. I made a video tutorial about it on my YouTube channel.