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Monday, May 23, 2011

X-Emitter V1.7.2

Hey. So, here's another release of X-Emitter v1.7.2 - this is just a bugfix release, so there's nothing new this time around.

The only bug fixed was that setting the 'emitterkill' variable to 1 to destroy the emitter when all of its particles were gone wasn't working. I tweaked the collision emitter, as well. Download X-Emitter V1.7.2 here.


  1. I only finally looked at this today, despite having downloaded 2-3 versions of it in the past... this is REALLY GOOD!

    I'm looking to implement some fireworks, I think I would currently need 2 emitters... one for the smoke trail, but im not sure about a 'burst' type emitter, emit all at once, in random / every direction.
    Have you implemented something like this yet? Should i suck it up and have a go at implementing it, and i'll show off the results later? :)

  2. Thanks. The smoke emitter should be easy. As for the burst, I believe there's a random direction variable, isn't there? If there isn't tell me and I'll see about putting it in. Also, you can use a delay sensor combined with the 'partnum' variable to achieve that burst effect.

  3. Edit: I mean, to achieve spawning many particles at once in random directions. Now that I think of it, there is no random direction variable. You can do okay just using random speed, but maybe I'll put that in, as well.