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Thursday, March 24, 2011

X-Emitter V1.5 Out

Hey. So here is X-Emitter version 1.5. A bit of a rehash of the underlying code makes this version the fastest version to date.

So if you don't know, this is my particle effect emission library (I suppose is the best way to describe it), X-Emitter. It started out as a simple box-emitter for particles, but it has since grown to be a more general purpose particle emission system. As can be seen in the screenshot, it works fairly well and, in my opinion, looks pretty professional - almost like Unity-caliber... Well, that's what I'd like to think, LOL.

Anyway, this version has been recoded to work with external script files that run as compiled code and looping logic (rather than logic in each particle), making this the fastest X-Emitter release to date. Here is a short list of particle effects present in this version:
  • Fire (planar)
  • Fire (blob)
  • Energy ball
  • Smoke (planar)
  • Smoke (volumetric)
  • Stream
  • Rising sparkle
  • Snow
  • Rain
Hopefully it can be useful to someone. So, Download X-Emitter Version 1.5 Here. As always, have fun!


  1. Cool! I changed some values at te snow,tho I don't understand what can you do with fire blob... ^?^

  2. What do you mean? Does it not work? It should look like the fire particle effect in the screenshot above (third from the left). I think it's a pretty good cartoon-ish fire.

  3. It works,no problem...I just didn't k ow where could you use that type o fire !Also I noticed a speed Increase! Great job!P


  4. Thanks again. I think this might be the fastest I can get it to run - perhaps by simplifying the particle looping code I could get a faster speed. I might try that in the next version.

  5. I am going to use the particles in my game,and I will credit you as the OWNER of them .I will make a new video soon ,and ppl might be more interested once they see it running in a game.I will try to help you,to make your particles known.

  6. Man you forgot to add the second particle sparks is on v3..can you remake the v5 with that spark emitter too? Thanks!