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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Motion Blur

Hello! It's been awhile since my last post. Here's an example module that I made for motion blurring.

Motion blur is something that's built into the BGE, but that doesn't work on all cards (I believe ATI is to blame for their cards not having accumulation buffers). I made my own version of motion blur years ago, and here's another version.

This one just uses one plane and one of two materials, as opposed to my old method of several hand-created planes with unique materials. This version is most probably more inefficient than the built-in version, though. Still, it should work on basically all computers and graphics card types.

You should just have to

1) Create a camera in your game scene
for the motion blur to use.

2) Append the motion blur scene into your game blend file.

3) Use a logic brick to add the motion blur scene in-game as an overlay scene.

4) Set the default camera and scene variables in the
"MotionBlur" script, or set the logic.motion_blur_source_scene
and logic.motion_blur_source_camera variables as necessary.

5) Set the BlurPlane's material in the MotionBlur scene to the
one appropriate for your game's draw mode (i.e. the STMT one
for Single or Multi-texture, and the GLSL one for GLSL mode).

That should be about all that's necessary to get it up and running. I've included an About text file that explains much more about how to use it.

Check it out on my Google Code page here. You can easily check out all of those modules by using an SVN tool like TortoiseSVN, or you can download it directly by highlighting the blend file in your browser, right-clicking it, and selecting "Save As...", or something similar.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


  1. hey, thanks for sharing, but for me, it says the file format isnt supported... maybe it corrupted or something.

    I even tried it on diffrent versions

  2. I can finally comment