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Sunday, July 17, 2011

X-Emitter V1.9 - Random Seeds

Hey. So, here's another X-Emitter, this time featuring random seeds.

Basically, using the new feature of random seeds, one can have an emitter spawn particles the same way each time the game plays, though still randomly. It's useful under certain conditions - for example, you can cycle through different emissions and see which seed you like, and use that one for, say, all fire emitters in your scene. It can be very useful.

For those who don't know, a seed value influences random functions so that each time a new instance of Python runs, the random functions run in the exact same way. In the X-Emitter's case, you provide a number for an emitter's emitterseed property, and the emitter will spawn particles in the same way each time (if you wish). It's pretty useful.

Anywho, download X-Emitter V1.9 here.

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