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Saturday, February 26, 2011

X-Emitter V1.2 Out

Hey. Version 1.2 of X-Emitter, the system for creating particle effects in the Blender Game Engine has been released.

Awhile ago, I experimented in creating a box-emission system for creating particles. This system would allow for spawning particles in a volume. I did create it, but I later improved on the script and in the process, I created a particle emission system that can be used to create particle effects in the BGE.

It supports volume-creation, but also many other features, like the ability to spawn particles with a base speed, size, and color, as well as randomize these features. Also, the generic particle script is highly customizable - it would be far better to implement one's own script as the generic particle has a script that runs every frame, but all in all, it works well for general particle effects. Check out the script in the download to Download X-Emitter V1.2 here.

Updates included are:
  • Camera Culling for particles - with this capability, you can delete particles that are off-screen (though it would increase speed, it is off by default, since some particle effects like snow or rain needs to have this off)
  • Maximum Number of particles - this way you can spawn many particles at a time, but not go over the maximum number specified.
  • Emitter Timer - allows you to set how often the emitter creates particles
  • Particle Parenting - allows you to parent the particles to the emitter (a bit buggy, but working for motion) 
  • Particle Fading - allows you to specify whether the particles fade out before death (smoke) or not (snow)
  • Color Choice - allows you to choose a set of colors for particles to randomly spawn with
The particles included are:
  • Snow
  • Sparks
  • Rain
  • Thick Smoke (volumetric!)
  • Bubbly Mist
P.S. If the speed seems low, the particles' scripts are unoptimized to be generic, and there is more than one particle system running in the screenshot shown.

Updates will continue (hopefully). If you have any suggestions, post about them here or on the related thread on the BlenderArtists forum. As always, have fun with it!

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