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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Incredible BGE Game - Dead Cyborg

Screen captured from the Youtube debut video
The Blender Game Engine is capable to make games that have very high-quality graphics, as well as that are fun to play. Most people who use the BGE don't use it for very much or for very ambitious endeavors, but Endre Barath, an experienced BGE user, is looking to push the BGE to its limits with a very interesting, original game.

Looking as though you are exploring a forgotten world of technology and robots, Dead Cyborg looks to be exceptionally engaging. - Picture screen captured from the debut trailer at

Known as Dead Cyborg, the game will be a free 'hard sci-fi adventure game'. It looks quite promising. Hopefully Endre will finish it for all gamers to enjoy. If you wish to encourage him to finish the game, donate at the Dead Cyborg homepage. The game looks simply astounding while the gameplay remains familiar and nostalgic, like an old text-adventure game that's been updated to use those new-fangled 'graphics cards' everyone's been talking about (heh heh). Here's the link to the Dead Cyborg debut trailer on Youtube. Hopefully, more information about this game will surface in the coming months.

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